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Amazin Brain The intestinal building nerve cells are in constant contact with the brain building nerve cells . This means that a bowel disorder, caused for example by an incorrect diet, can cause brain problems Amazin Brain affect your mood. How can bowel disease affect the brain? Pathological changes in the intestine, in the form of biologically active molecules, are transferred to the brain through the vagus nerve. Once toxic particles from the intestines reach the brain, they destroy nerve cells. As a result, the person feels the deterioration of brain work Amazin Brain depressed mood. Biologically active molecules that enter the brain from the intestines can cause neuronal inflammation that leads to neurodegenerative diseases. Professor Heiko Braak from the Goethe University in Frankfurt observed that Lewy bodies appear in diseased intestines, which were also detected in the brain when examining parkinson's patients. Lewy bodies are abnormal clusters of proteins that destroy the brain Amazin Brain cause parkinson-like disorders (including reduced mental Amazin Brain physical performance, characteristic hand tremors). According to prof. Heiko Braak's Lewy bodies found in intestinal villi can be caused by viruses or toxins contained in food Amazin Brain from the diseased intestines reach the brain. Scientists' reports prove that brain hygiene should start in the intestines , because many harmful substances from the intestines simply get into the brain Amazin Brain affect its health.


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