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Bought this as a second microphone to use with our memorex sing stand. It works great and is a good price.
   Altaf Russell
I purchased these to replace an older pair of ECCO shoes.  Aside from having to replace them twice due to sizing issues (they are not even close to the same size as my previous pair of ECCO's), they are great shoes.
I would recommend them, but perhaps start with a size lower than normal.
   Zita Molnár
Great biking jersey so far, wear it for cool morning and late afternoon commute!
Held up well in the wash!
   Mostafa Ahmed
Great paper filter overall and the best for your V60.
   Erza Andi
I freaking love this shirt. Every time I wear it people ask me where I got it. I never tell because I want to be the only one who has it. It fits really well, it's not super heavy like a regular baseball jersey, so it's perfect the the July weather. I would recommend this. I am 6/3 180 pounds and the medium fit me perfectly.
   Elena Bunter

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