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The butterfly wings

The butterfly wings are stunned, as if they are quaint, flying down the sky, gently flapping their wings and coming to him. He looked at the legendary stunned and brilliant Newport 100S, and the sage who has been turned into a butterfly for a long time, feels somewhat unreal. He is so close to Zhuangzi. A little bit, he found that the battlefield in front of him disappeared Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the crowd around him disappeared, and everything was gone. He stood in a hundred flowers, and the sword in his hand was still dripping with blood. But here, only he and the colorful butterfly "What is the saying?" The voice of indifference sounded in his ears. Without much thought, he honestly replied: "The road is nameless, the beginning of the heavens and the earth Cheap Cigarettes." The butterfly gently flaps its wings, and the indifferent voice clearly sounds in his ear: "Is it? Nothingness, for heaven and earth. The beginning also. "Do you really understand? Is that your way? Faced with this problem, he has been silent for a long time. The more he thinks, the more chaotic the heart is. "Dream butterfly, butterfly, butterfly, or butterfly dream?" Zhuang Zhou seems to be deliberately dialing, he is fast. The ground calmed down and meticulously realized. Soon, the voice of indifference rang again: "Where is the road?" In the flowers, he still stands in the woods. "I am... in the distance, I need to explore." He is thinking and thinking hard. He thought of the former Shennong, a major contribution to human development. He led the human race from being obscured to prosperity, and truly changed the history of the human race. Lushan wading through the water, working tirelessly, exploring the distance, for his people, tasted the grass and saved the people. "The road is ahead, just move forward." He was still thinking. He thought of the more Wang Gongji's retreat in the past, and after 16 years of bears the burden, he regrouped the army in the defeated place and marched toward Wucheng ahead. This time, either die like a king, or just like a king, the years are awkward and you can't look back. "No, the Tao is invisible, it is intangible, it is tangible, it is tangible, and it is the way." His tone suddenly became very firm, and he knew how to go. The butterfly licks, gently flaps its wings, and the flowers disappear, and Zhuang Zhous figure disappears. Butterfly dream, dream butterfly. Enlightenment, understanding. The rhyme is natural, why do you have to sigh, why do you want to talk, you and me, he is not a Tao, but

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