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Kamas dofus ? vendre sur www.iflamme.com par Code audiotel, sms et carte bancaire!!! Prix le moins cher, livraison hyper rapide! Vous avez b?nificiez la grande promotion pendant tous les vacances scolaire

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Good for the price, don't expect more
   Nikkita Williams
Brings back so many memories.I saw the movie and it was great!
   May Pabillo Barrera
I'm 6'3" 185lbs and ordered an XL. Fits as expected. Sleeves are long enough.
   Mark Jobet Tolentino Reblando
Nice color and soft material. I washed this as soon as I got it. I don't think that it shrunk, as it fit perfectly. I use it for the pack n play, I have a folding mattress.
   Hafiz Abdul Moize Khan

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