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The big trees in the

The big trees in the ditch are the most, and when you release the cows, you will leave a lot of joy there. During or after the summer vacation, a group of our children will drive the cattle to the ditch, and the cattle will graze. We will climb the tree to pick the mulberry, beat the apricots, pick the wild fruits in the autumn, and sometimes pick up the walnuts that have fallen through. . At that time, the mountains and the wild, the lush and lush, so-called birds and flowers, the scene is not drunk and drunk standing on the side of the ditch, I looked at the bare ditch in front of me, it seems that this decade has been a lot of vicissitudes. The rolling gully, I searched for it, but there was no shadow of a big tree. Only the black and white sheep swarmed the grass roots, chewed desperately and slammed. The beauty of the hometown has disappeared like this. This is not a seasonal change, but it has become so fragile and vulnerable to human beings. The joy of childhood, in this ridiculous mountain dust, originally I was holding a glimmer of hope, revisiting the beauty of my hometown, but did not think so. Perhaps, after a long time, people can look at these remaining pale greenish yellow, which has become a luxury. The pits that once gathered in the ditch were also people going to the kiln. The curved and crooked ramp was washed by the flowing water, forming numerous folds. The wild grass in the courtyard had already withered and slept with the wind. The big pier, the place we used to play, has become a pile of small mounds that are less than a few trucks. The bare roots have already withered, and the remaining crumbling pieces of the phoenix seeds squeak in the cold wind. It seems to be telling his own misfortune. A row of neatly tiled new houses, with a row of neat solar energy and TV pots of different sizes on the flat roof. The once luxuriant grove, nowadays has become a place where smoke rises, the white tiles reflecting the sun, the snow-covered land and the eyes of the peasants, a group of children bored with firecrackers Cigarettes Online, seems to be These belong to their days (winter holidays), and there are few games that can be played. Looking at the children, you chasing me, raising a dust and flying, I really helpless. They have nothing to play with, except that watching TV can relieve inner sorrow, it seems that there is no choice. Once upon a time, we can create games, hoops, wooden monkeys, paper bags, snow-capped birds, snowmen, snowballs, and gullies in the ditch. Although it is hard life, our childhood life is still The very well-familiar hometown became strange. The beautiful village in memory has long since gone, and the residual memories are hard to find in reality. Sometimes the work is tired, close your eyes Parliament Cigarettes, I really want to spread the road in my hometown, step on the soles of the tree Carton Of Cigarettes, and circle around the towering tree, yelling and watching the birds fly from the thick crown of the canopy, hovering I screamed at the top of my head; I really wanted to play with my friends on the big pier in the pit, and listen to the sound of mud guns when I was a child.
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