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Walking on foot, strolling

Walking on foot, strolling through the deep winter of the hometown, there is still no shadow of snow, and the yellowish brown soil becomes the only color to decorate the earth. The withered branches stretched out in the cold wind, perhaps thinking of the days that once flourished, or feeling the deep friendship of the branches and leaves, sentimental in the autumn wind and sorrow, watching the situation in front of the eyes In fact, he left the branches of the great white poplar that trembled in the cold wind and cried in Zhuangkou, and tirelessly defended the ancient village day and night. In the early spring, this tree is a bird's world. Although it is not as proud as the southern banyan tree, it also provides a warm home for the spring birds. In the midsummer, people who are busy sneaking, sleepy under the trees, playing chess, playing poker Online Cigarettes, those big brothers, with grandchildren under the tree doing needlework and gossip. In the late autumn, the changed white poplar leaves swayed and refused to leave Newport Cigarettes Coupons, accompanied by the autumn wind flying in front of the house. We took the broom, carried the basket, went to sweep the leaves, and stored it in the winter. It is a pity that in the winter, Poplar became the imperial concubine and lost the footprints of people. There are dozens of broken bird nests on the tree. There are only a few magpies, and the long tail is awkward. The place where the white poplar is rooted is once reported to the people. The hope of the whole village is brewing. it's here. Every year during the harvest season, people are squatting in this big field, arranging, rolling, stalking, sturdy, powerful, and conspiring. Summer wheat, autumn sorghum, scorpion, valley, piled into mountain-like artichokes, corn, but also caused a number of human aphids in the belly. Listening to my parents, they spend more than half of their time in this year. Sometimes I feel weird Cheap Cigarettes. Since there are so many foods, why are people still suffering from the years, not eating enough, not wearing warm clothes, and so much? Adults take children to eat! Later, the state implemented the contract responsibility system, and the family had their own land, and the farmers could also grow their own land according to their needs. The fathers feared that the younger generations had forgotten this difficult time and discussed that when they divided the property in the agricultural community, no one could move this big tree! This tree grows like this in my ignorant memory, but there are many trees in it like this. Now there is only one "elder" left.
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