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With an unexpected theatrical performance

Queen Azshara's raid encounter in the Eternal Palace starts with an unexpected theatrical performance. While it's strongly hinted the end of her encounter will shock us with revelations concerning Azeroth, the Old Gods, and Azshara's

ultimate scheme, the first phase feels a bit puzzling, even lighthearted wow classic gold. In this post, we'll look at how this phase plays into Azshara's megalomania and references Highborne culture, while cleverly foreshadowing the rest of her

Table of Contents

    The Cursed Lovers
    Tragedy in Three Acts - Highborne Culture
    Azshara, Breaker of Hearts

The Cursed Lovers
In the first phase, Azshara summons the cursed lovers Aethanel and Cyranus to fight players.

    Stage One: Cursed Lovers:
    Azshara summons the cursed lovers: Aethanel, and Cyranus to attack the players. Overzealous Hulks storm the playspace in an effort to disable the Ancient Wards while Azshara herself torments players with her own abilities.
    This stage ends when both Aethanel and Cyranus are defeated.
        Aethanel and Cyranus, the Cursed Lovers: Aethanel and Cyranus have been cursed to constantly swap between periods of Longing to see each other and Painful Memories of a life that could have been. Their Cursed Hearts poison the

ground beneath them.
            Painful Memories: Mere sight of one another causes the Cursed Lovers to relive Painful Memories. While they can see each other, they are Tormented.
            Longing: The caster yearns to see their love again, igniting their Cursed Heart for until cancelled. If they cannot see their lover they are Tormented.
            Torment: Seeing each other while reminded of their Painful Memories or failing to find each other while Longing to see one another Torments the hearts of the lovers, increasing their haste by 65% and their damage by 50%.
            Cursed Heart: Standing in the cursed ground inflicts 15 Shadow damage every second, decreases your attack and casting speeds by 30% and your movement speed by 30%.
                Lightning Orbs: Aethanel conjures several lightning orbs that bounce through the playspace, inflicting 60 Nature damage to all players within 2 yards of their impact. The orbs each bounce 3 times or until they collide

with an obstacle.
                Lightning Bolt: Fires a bolt of lightning that arcs through the target and jumps to several targets, inflicting 30 Nature damage. Each successive victim suffers 20% less damage than the previous target in the chain.
                Cold Blast: Blasts the target with intense cold, inflicting 30 Frost damage. When Cold Blast is cast on a target with 3 applications, the victim is Frozen for 5 sec.
                    Frozen: The target is frozen solid for 5 sec.

                    Aethanel always attacks her Frozen victims with an Ice Shard.
                        Ice Shard: The caster hurls a spike of intensely cold ice at the victim, inflicting 80 Frost damage and shattering any frozen effects currently active.
                Serrated Edge: Cyranus' blade is extremely sharp, causing its victims to bleed for 30 Physical damage over 9 sec.
                Any time Cyranus' opponents block, dodge, or parry, the blade will fail to inflict a wound.
                Charged Spear: The caster hurls a Charged Spear that strikes all targets in a line for 15 Arcane damage and detonates when it reaches its destination.
                The detonation deals 60 Arcane damage to all players within 100 yards, and 30.00 Arcane damage to all other players.

As we fight the lovers, Azshara exclaims:
Azshara: I call the Cursed Lovers to enter the stage.
Azshara: Their eyes long for one another, yet their gaze incurs calamity.
Azshara: There is no power I cannot defile.
Taken on its own, this phase feels a bit abrupt. The Cursed lovers, Aethanel and Cyranus, haven't been encountered previously in the game, so there's not much emotional weight. If we saw them trying to escape Zin-Azshari together as part

of the Shandris and Thalyssra Nazjatar questline, only to be trapped by Azshara and punished, their end might feel more tragic and connect with players a bit more buy vanilla wow gold. Alternatively, if they're meant to be willing and obedient subjects of

Azshara acting out a role under her command in order to showcase her power, their status as court subjects is unclear.

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