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The red dress flutters

The red dress flutters, so crazy, loves hate and love, turns into the wedding clothes that I sew for you. If you dont come, how can I go ahead, but the long days, the red clothes are broken, the makeup is spent, what should I take? Waiting for you, it is better to tear this red clothes and change it to others. When the melody of the old songs is repeated and repeated, my words are as messy as life Parliament Cigarettes. The sunset is like a fire in the summer, and the night is like a song, faintly seeing time, people are The old days have changed and the years are ridiculous Wholesale Cigarettes. I can't find you at the forefront of the dream. You stand on the crowded top of the sea and look southeast. Wake up, you lost yourself on the stage of the colorful Cigarettes For Sale, floating sound, and faintly see the meteor slipping. The night before dawn is still black, the color of the dream is gradually receding, I will train myself before the dawn dawn, fear that the soul will suddenly die in the sun, and the dream will see another pair of men and women who are sunny as the alley. Walking hand in hand, walking side by side, I hid in a corner where there was no sunlight and could not see the shadow. In the meantime, I heard their footsteps rushing away in the bright sunshine, I was in the corner. The child jumped up, but the eyes were blurred and I couldnt see the girls face when she was blushing Marlboro Red. The head was screaming with the light of God. I stood in the middle of the bridge and leaned against the bridge, and the river was slowly going east. I will know where it will turn and finally flow into the sea. I will hear the sound of the melting water of the Yellow River Cheap Cigarettes. It is like the heartbeat of the heart that will not forget the suffering, and will not forget the lost years of struggle. Like the scorpion in the yellow land, it is pure, quiet, and longing for me. I always think of those times that were once turbulent and full of happiness. The educated youth went to the countryside, the cultural revolution, the college entrance examination resumed, and the land was changed. Grinding on the set, the broken roller is quietly parked on the stone mill, and life has set all the good and the bad, and the songs that are faintly heard in the distance.. When the night tends to be dead and quiet My soul is white and high.

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