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n walking. Therefore

The eagle is the longest-lived bird in the world Cigarettes Online. It can live up to seventy years old. To live that long life, it must make difficult but important decisions at the age of forty. At this time, its beak became long and curved, almost touching the chest; its claws began to age, unable to effectively catch prey; its feathers grew thick and thick, and its wings became very heavy, making it fly Very difficult. At this time, the eagle has only two options: either wait for death, or go through a very painful update process-a long 150-day transformation. It must fly very hard to the top of the mountain, build a nest on the cliff, and stay there without flying. The eagle first hits the rock with its beak until it completely falls off, then quietly waits for a new beak to grow. The eagle will pull out the aging nails on the paws one by one with the newly grown beak, and the blood will be dropped drop by drop. When the new nails grow, the eagle uses the new nails to pull out the feathers one by one. Five months later, new feathers came out, and the eagle began to fly again, regained its strength, and then began the next thirty years. After the role change, the eagle can soar powerfully, not sleepy when running, and not tired whec, although the eagle's process of changing feathers is painful, it is like purgatory. However, once the feathers are changed, the eagle is like a phoenix after Nirvana, continuing to swim in the vast sky to show its king's posture. The same is true in life. On the road of life, we will also be like eagles, contaminated with many worldly filths Parliament Cigarettes, and worried about many worldly entanglements. We will feel discouraged and desperate, and the flight becomes bulky and slow. At this time, we also need to renew and change, we need to be reborn, we need a passion for success, we need a passion for rebirth ... With such a desire, we can only have the ability to endure pain, and then we can spread our wings and fly fast and powerfully. Create the heroic and brave king again. The wisdom of the eagle makes it dare to rebirth, and dare to peel and bone Marlboro Gold, but this kind of wisdom makes us humans also discouraged. On the stage of life, everyone is a dancer eager to succeed. Perhaps we will sprain our feet, but we have to choose a role change, we have to spin in a storm, move forward in difficulties, and not let ourselves Living in a comfortable and peaceful environment, otherwise, sudden disasters will surely overwhelm you, so it is impossible to see the rainbow without going through the wind and rain, and only after passing the wind and rain, can the clouds drift away and the most beautiful dance in life Only by experiencing self-discipline, decaying the world, and welcoming new life again can we create another wave of bright peaks in life
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