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I have long heard th

I have long heard that the flower show in Jiefang Park is very beautiful. I wanted to go to "Eleven" to see it, but I never had time. Until this Sunday, my mother had time to go to Jiefang Park with me. But at Jiefang Park, the hope turned into disappointment, and the disappointment turned into surprise. Do you know why? Let me talk to you slowly, haha! My mother and I came to Jiefang Park on Sunday. When we got off the car, we saw a poster with a flower show that read the 2010 Jiefang Park Flower Show. I am so happy to see here! In order to see the flower show, we also specially brought a camera and wanted to take more beautiful flowers. While we were elated Marlboro Red, I suddenly saw a row of small prints on the billboard Marlboro Lights. The deadline for the flower show was-October 15. I quickly asked my mother: "Mom, what's the date today." My mother said: "Twenty-four, what's wrong?" After hearing this, my mood dropped from full hope to freezing point! I said to my mother: "Let's go back Home! The flower show is over. "My mother saw my unhappy expression and said," Since you are here, even if you take a breath of fresh air, go in and see. " So my mother and I walked into the park for a while, and we came to a square, and the square was full of pigeons, and they looked so beautiful when they took off! The white pigeons had white snow feathers on their wings and tail, The small red-brown pointed mouth, dark eyes, and slender legs are very interesting. There are also several pigeons whose feathers are gray, and the thin clauses appear to be "tide". Flocks of pigeons pecking on the square and kept nodding their heads. When someone made a loud noise, they would land on the house in front with a loud noise. At this time, a large group of pigeons landed densely on the roof, looking like a large white flower. I hurriedly asked my mother to buy a pack of pigeon food for me and started feeding the pigeons like other children. At first, I only dared to throw out the food to feed the pigeons, but when I saw that my younger children dared to reach out to feed the pigeons, I also got the courage and stretched out my hands. Why doesn't it hurt? "" In fact, it doesn't hurt at all. "Mom said. At this time, I saw a gray pigeon, and I threw a lot of food at him, but I was snatched away by the white pigeon next to me. After seeing it, I was angry and hated. Later, I waited for the white pigeon. After they all walked away, they threw a handful of food like the gray dove again. Now I saw the gray dove finally got the dove food. I jumped happily. Today I'm so happy on the way home I think that pigeons are good friends of mankind. In ancient battlefields, pigeons were used by humans as an important "vehicle" to convey letters Cigarettes For Sale. Now people have given pigeons more important meanings, such as: green messenger, peace messenger
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