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you? "" $ #% ~ "I heard a

When I was a kid, I watched Daxiong and Doraemon on TV funnyly serving the grumpy and very cute Mr. Alien, and I could nt laugh, so there was another word in my mind Alien. After a few years, I grew up, and the childhood goodness was already thrown out of Yanxiao Cloud, but the three words "Alien" were not forgotten by me, but instead I added a lock in my mind , Will never be taken away with the long flow of time. Perhaps it is nature, I will continue to wear out from the communication with people, and continue to be injured, so I am afraid of communicating with people, and I begin to hide in my own world. As a Pisces, my best is fantasy, I always like myself by the window, looking at the clouds Marlboro Cigarettes, dreaming about the alien world above the clouds ... Every night, I sleep with an alien spaceship , And in conversation with various aliens in a dream, understand them ... every night, without exception. Today, I was woken up by the phone ringing in the living room. I put on a few clothes and walked into the empty living room, looking around the indifferent air around me. It was always the same anyway-my parents and I were on business trips. I saw the time, it was just zero, and I was full of fantasy, and I began to think that this is a dear friend again. If I call it so late, it will not be a fierce bell at midnight! I mentioned a horrible phone call: "Hey, Which one of you? "" $ #% ~ "I heard a strong shock in my heart: Isn't this the voice of my dream ?! I was stunned for a while, so I asked with a trembling voice:" May I trouble you  Cigarettes Online... I ll say it again ... okay? I ... I did nt hear it too well. "$ #% ~" The other party repeated it again, obviously annoyed. However, this sound is really familiar. The fear is even stronger: "You, are you aliens?" Somehow, this sentence came out without help, "Know _" "Know _" There were a few men with a low Cigarettes For Sale, hoarse voice over the phone Said softly. "Aztec!" Shouted this sentence at the end of the phone like a roar of a beast, and scared me to death: What does "Aztec" mean? When I eased my mind, the phone was already hung up Broke, I looked at the time: "It has been pulled from the second day to the third day ..." I went On the stage, I took a hard breath of air, but the indifferent air was crowned with sadness by the roar of the beast. I calmed down, and looked at the moon on the horizon through countless tall buildings, and tonight Unusually round, unusually bright, this bright white moonlight seems to turn all the smell of fireworks into nothingness, this bright white moonlight makes it impossible to look away. The beast roar of "Aztec", these four The words in my heart can't be calm for a long time. The full moon on the third day, the bright white moonlight, please tell me: What is going on tonight?
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