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Path of Exile Expansion 3.9.0 is Set to Launch

Introduced as part of Metamorph League, a brand new crafting system will make it possible for players to impact the quality of the armed jewelry with catalysts, which can be. These catalysts have the capability to supercharge mods increasing their power and capabilities. These modifications aim to increase the difficulty of POE Currency towards its endgame in an effort to boost player engagement and create new challenges.

There will also be a selection of tweaks to the ballista weapons, with new skills. This includes abilities, along with a skill known as'Ensnaring Arrow' that fires off a trap to trap enemies. There's also a brand new'barrage' support gem which will enable bow users to shoot off shots that are faster like a gun. These new bow abilities imply that the Tornado Shot will be nerfed.

Another major advancement coming to Expansion 3.9.0 is that a entire graphical overhaul which may,"[raise the game's] graphic quality by about a decade or so," based on Grinding Gear Games founder and director, Chris Wilson. These improvements were shown off throughout showcase, and the trailers a slick look to get a game that has looked the same since it was initially released in 2013.

There are some brand new unique items being introduced in the new expansion, including recently revealed items such as Manastorm, which adds fans for increased spell damage and energy shields, as well as the Jade Amulet, that increases evasion and dexterity. You will find 16 unique items in total for this growth, but not all them were revealed throughout the ExileCon presentation. Also present will be five new divination cards. Cheap POE Currency Expansion 3.9.0 is set to launch on December 13.

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