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Rezola Growth Rich in fats, antioxidants and vitamins, this component has repairing, nourishing and emollient properties. Its additives make a contribution to making our hair healthy, shiny and robust. It is likewise a specific product for terribly dry, damaged, broken, broken or broken hair. Suitable whilst there are cut up ends on our hair, coconut oil makes the hair smooth and removes frizz. The ' Hair Coconut oil is also effective in case of flaking, dermatitis and scalp redness. It restores the structure of the dermis, has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties thanks to the presence of lauric acid . It is likewise beneficial in case of lice . After making use of the coconut oil on the massaged hair The first step is to apply and rubdown the hair with coconut oil HOW TO USE COCONUT OIL FOR HAIR If purchased pure, coconut oil is stable; therefore in summer it'll tend to soften, even as in winter it remains compact. This solidifies around 15 ° -20 ° C. Thanks to its residences, as well as argan and jojoba oil, coconut oil is good for preparing frame wraps and hair masks. MOISTURIZING COCONUT OIL MASK The additives of coconut oil penetrate the hair shape extra quick and deeply than different balms. To get a moisturizing coconut oil masks, wash your hair and dab it with a towel. Pour a small amount of coconut oil into a bowl and soften it in a bain-marie. When the oil has completely dissolved, use it on the hair and rubdown gently. Comb your hair and wrap it in a shower cap or towel. Leave on for at least half-hour. The longer you leave the ' coconut oil in your hair as lots because it will be powerful. Dry your hair. Use a teeth comb to untangle the knots after making use of the oil To untangle the knots carried out the oil and combed with a extensive-toothed comb DETANGLING, RESTRUCTURING AND PROTECTIVE Women who've long, curly or frizzy hair recognise how complex, and on occasion painful, it's miles to untangle them from knots. To use coconut oil as a detangler, allow it melt in a bain-marie and practice it over the whole duration of the hair. Using a huge-toothed comb, lightly dispose of all knots. Leave on and dry your hair. L ' hair coconut oil is also ideal as a sunscreen in summer time, in opposition to salt and chlorine in swimming pools.


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