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Dear daughter

Dear daughter, if I can, I will go with you all my life. On October 25th, 2013, my daughter turned to a daughter. I suddenly received your call today, and my heart was boiled. Since you went to high school, I rarely talked to my dad, so I specially drank my mouth and moistened my throat before I picked up the phone daughter. Do you know? When I heard your cry on the other end of the phone, my heart suddenly fell from the top to the bottom of the valley. I would rather you not call me often, nor would you be hurt. When you tell me that your feet are very painful and painful, I hope that I can accept it for you. I dare not pause when I rushed to the school and hurriedly took you to the hospital and hurriedly sent you back to the room. Because your unchanging expression of grievances for so many years is the daughter of kan who I will never be able to pass, I hope that you can sleep peacefully tonight, don't be afraid, your foot hurts, Dad can be your crutches on November 5, 2013. It was late autumn, and the sky was cold again. In recent days, in order to pick you up and go to school, getting up early and getting up late is really a little tired, but I have to keep going. Who told you that my daughter had to feel the time flies, daughter, remember? When you go to elementary school, every time it rains, I begged me to ride a bicycle to go to school, and then sit behind me like I did this morning, although you dont sneak into my raincoat to scratch my itch like before. I laughed happily, but the feeling is still the same. Daughter, no matter how big the rain is, how cold the wind is, as long as you are behind me, Dad is not afraid. Let's work together and go bravely on November 15, 2013. My daughter is in a good mood today. As a result, you can move a few steps slowly, which is better than the doctor's estimate. Since your feet have been twisted, I have never seen you laughing so easily. Looking at your figure along the railing reminds me of the time you first started walking Newport Cigarettes. Dad doesnt know why its very uncomfortable. But more is still excited, excited about your recovery, you said that you want to eat the sweet and sour pork ribs I made, this is my good food. Looking at the way you tasted it, I really satisfied my daughter. Dad didn't think about what you said to me and your mom. I just wanted to see you eating well, getting dressed, sleeping well, of course, still Have a quick return to normal walking. As long as you are happy, we will be happy too. November 20, 2013 The stars of this evening are very bright and beautiful. Daughter, when you are staring at the stars behind me, I feel like we are back to the beginning, back to the time to sit in the yard. At that time you will always ask me "how far the stars are from us" "what is on the stars" or point to the name that asks me what they are Marlboro Cigarettes. Every time, Dad hates that he knows too little and can't help you one by one. However, you will always comfort me and say, "When I grow up, I will take you there to see it." Daughter, do you still have an impression of those days away? If you forget Parliament Cigarettes, it doesn't matter, Dad will collect it for you. On December 12, 2013, my daughter turned to Yin, and I arrived at the adult ceremony of your school and you mentioned me. My father really felt a lot of emotions. Do you know why I insisted that you go to participate? Because Dad wants to take the "adult door" set by the school and take you through this iconic moment. So, don't blame Dad for making you blush, so that you become the most concerned person in the whole ceremony. When you hear your oath, look at your solemn, mature and slightly green expression, Dad. Happy for you. Eighteen years are about to pass, and my father is old, really want to be a "dad." However, where did the time go, and how did you grow up with your daughter? January 10, 2014 Daughter, from your injury, it took more than two months to pass, and you finally recovered! Watching you can slowly descend the stairs one by one, the stone in the heart of Dad is also counted. However, still have to be careful. Don't just think about walking as a child, just thinking about chaos. Now your feet are just right, you can't be too tired. If you need anything, you can tell your classmates that Dad has told them that you should ask for it. From today, you will live in the bedroom and your father will send it to you. Delivery of food. Its strange to say that I used to think that time is good. I dont have to pick you up at once. Instead, I feel that my heart is empty. It seems like I lost my daughter. Its cold. When I go out, I should keep warm and take care of myself. Body, nothing to go to the sun or something. Oh, don't forget that a cup of milk in the morning and evening is good for the recovery of the bones. Don't think we are too embarrassed, we just hope that you can live better.
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